Dr. Liora Shaltiel-Harpaz

Plant protection / Entomology

Selected research topics: 1. Insect plant interaction: affecting pests by plant manipulation    a. Using resistant pear trees as interstock to reduce pear psylla    b. Using plant growth regulators to reduce pear psylla    c. The study of interaction between fertilization and pests 2. Pest management through soil management    a. Bio-fumigation with plant residuals as a mean to produce pest free herbs and vegetables    b. Examining the effect of soil cultivation on wheat pests    c. Studying the effect of compost on ground mite (Rhizoglyphus robini) Suppression in Onion and Garlic 3. Integrated pest management:    a. Tuta absoluta in tomatoes -natural enemies and Economic injury level    b. Development of Economic injury level of cereal aphids in wheat    c. Processing of agricultural plant waste, using the black soldier fly (BSF) Hermetia illucens    d. Environmentally friendly agriculture area wide project- A case study in the Hula valley Research location: Northern R&D Research stations