Menashe Cohen

Ornamental plants
Development of flowers products

A. Peony a. Dormancy and growth in Peony. b. Peony: physiology and cutting propagation. c. Growing Peony as perennial crop: environmental effect of the assimilate translocation and quality of underground crowns and flowers. d. Development of a dynamic model for chilling requirements for in soil- planted Peony. e. Root and crown pathogens of Paeonia lactiflora and their management. f. Development Peonies as pot plant product. g. Advanced flowering of Peony by means of passive energy. B. Lilium a. Development of new cultivars of Lilium longiflorum. b. Development of technologies for production, propagation and flowering of Lilium formolongi as new crop for export and domestic market. c. Breeding and development of new Lilium longiflorum cultivars adopted for production and flowering in Israel C. Leucadendrons a. Respond of Leucadendron plants to irrigation rate and frequency in Northern Israel. b. Training the 'Safari Sunset' crop for a high and qualitative yield. c. Understanding the factors responsible for leaf blackaning and dessication in 'Safari Sunset' branches during transport and developing means to prevent them. d. Water and fertilization management of ‘Safari Sunset’ under deficit irrigation. e. Harvesting systems for 'Safari Sunset' flowers. f. Leucadendrons in pots: development of technology for series of new products for export. g. Factors that involve in the ripening of ‘Safari Sunset’ stems. D. Introduction and development of new products for flowers and ornamental industry a. Strategy for development and production of new ornamental crops in Northern Israel for the international markets. b. Development of system for tulip bulb production for export. c. Development of a water saving technology for geophytes and riverbank plants in the Hulla valley. d. Production of Iris rhizomes as a new agricultural activity in the Hula valley. e. Development of Hydrangea macrophylla for cut flowers production in temperate cold regions in Israel Research sites: Migal, experimental stations