Dr Rakefet Sharon

Plant protection / Entomology
Ecological solutions to pests (insect)

Eco-entomology Laboratory- Pest’s Ecological Solutions (PEST)
Rakefet Sharon (Ph.D.)   Researcher
Maor Tomer (M.Sc.)    Assistant Researcher     maortomer11@gmail.com
Almog Avraham (B.Sc.)  projects manager     almog17@hotmail.com
Zeev Farkash (B.Sc.)       Senior Technician     zevik9f@gmail.com



Ecological solutions to pests (insect)

The objectives of the lab are providing ecological solutions to agricultural pests, through the exploitation of pest behavior and dispersal, to reduce direct damage and disease spread.

  • Main crops: vineyards, pomegranate, almonds and apples
  • Main pests: Auchenorrhyncha (leafhoppers, plant hoppers etc.); Sternorryncha (Coccoidea; Aphidoidea); Lepidoptera;


Current research subjects

  • Development of precise agriculture methods for monitoring the dispersal of pests, including the epidemiology of vector-born plant diseases, in and between crops and the adjacent environment.
  • Manipulations on pest behavior, mainly communication related, using semiochemicals (pheromone and kairomone) as attractants and repellent factors; chemicals, visual and acoustic cues to disrupt mating search.
  • The effects of extreme climate events on pest population dynamics and pests-plant interactions.


MIGAL, Northern Agriculture R&D, P.O.B. 831, Kiryat Shmona, 11016, ISRAEL


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