Dr Rakefet Sharon

Plant protection / Entomology
Ecological solutions to pests (insect)

Research Subjects:
1. Study the behavior and dispersal of pests (Insects) including plant disease vectors to reduce direct damage and disease spread
   a. Studying the spatial-temporal dynamics of the vectors of the Yellows disease and leafroll disease to develop control protocol
   b. Modeling the causes and consequences of vector movement: implications for the spread of plant pathogens
   c. Analyzing leafhoppers dispersal between adjoining plantations
2. Develop ecological solutions based on behavior to control pests
  d. Using life history and mating behavior to control pests populations (mealybugs and European grapevine moth)
  e. Using attractants (trap plants, pheromones, kairomones and acoustic cues) to monitor and control pests (planthoppers, leafhoppers)
3. Develop ecological methods for management protocols in vineyard and subtopic plantations (Mango, Banana and Avocado).

Rakefet Sharon, Ph.D,
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